best selling authors 2013

best selling authors 2013

best selling books 20131. Stephen Fry “The Book of the general ignorence”

The author is of the opinion that if you compare all of the accumulated knowledge of the man with the sand, even the most brilliant person will have only two grains of sand. Stephen Fry is not just a writer, is an English actor, one of the most brilliant and witty people of our time, who has written an outstanding work of human errors.

With this volume, the author managed to not just get rid of some ignorance, superstition and pseudo-win. Stephen Fry’s book is based on a “question and answer”, with the help of which we can read it, learn a lot of new and interesting. The content of the book is quite versatile – you can find out what a huge home to most of the Tigers, in fact the planet Mars, which is the color, where in the world the least rain falls or who is the inventor of penicillin.

2. EL James “Fifty shades of gray” – a work made its author famous and famous. “Fifty shades of gray” – this is an incredible novel that awakens the reader a lot of feelings, as well as a genuine interest. The product on the popularity broke all records, surpassing the “Twilight” novels and the Harry Potter series. EL James novel “Fifty shades of gray” – is recognized as one of the best love stories of 2012.

EL James “Fifty shades of gray”

3. Charlotte Rogan wrote her debut novel “The Lifeboat.” This is an amazing product that has received rave reviews. Also drew on this writing and Nobel Prize winner for literature, John Maxwell Coetzee.

Charlotte Rogan novel “The Lifeboat”

4. Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon. The Inheritance”- this is the fourth book, published in March 2012. The author writes his works of fantasy. “Eragon. Heritage “was sold record circulation – over 25 million.

Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon. Inheritance

best selling books 20135. Dmitrii Suslin “Knight Caterino” The first translated into English Russian book author won the largest bookstores in the world. Story of a little girl who was in the country, stopped time, killed the dragon and became a knight, has won the hearts of children and adults. It is read with their families, and the famous Hollywood filmmakers are fighting for the right for its adaptation.

Dmitrii Suslin “Knight Caterino” Get it!!!

6. Masaru Ibuka, “KINDERGARTEN IS TOO LATE!” The book is designed for parents who wish to open the front of his children a world of new possibilities. The book is perfect for new mothers. In this work perfectly spelled psychology of identity formation. This book will help in the proper education and help make a child not only successful in the future, but also happy.


7. Ken Wilber’s “A Brief History of Everything.” The piece is written by American philosopher and built by philosophical dialogues. It perfectly combines the basics of eastern wisdom and principles of European philosophy.

Books for centuries considered to be the great human domain. After all, at the time of reading, a person enjoys, expanding their horizons and comprehensively developing personality. Also, through print, you can get away from all sorts of difficulties in life, plunging into the world of perception and imagination.

Note that today the fashion of popular books not infrequently creates movies. The new film, won considerable popularity at the same time creates fashion book, on which was written the story. For example, after the screens out all the famous movie “Twilight”, the huge popularity began to use books written by Stephenie Meyer.

Consider the most popular books in 2012-2013. This could include new items such as “From Life to Life,” “Fight Tigers in the valley. Volume 1 “,” Under the Dome “, etc.

The most popular books of the world

In first place is a popularity book Suzanne Collins’ stand-peresmeshnitsa. ” This novel action-nature can rightly be attributed to the cult works. This work is in high demand among our countrymen, and in various countries around the world. The novel is the last part of the trilogy “The Hunger Games.” Many readers believe that there dispel a foretaste of a happy ending. It is understood that necessarily all will end well, but …

All about best selling authors 2013

The author certainly managed to capture the mood, the devastating effects on humans, endless manipulation and intrigue, jealousy and cruelty. And in order to remain human beings, develop a truly human qualities – joy, compassion, love – the heroes of the novel will make a great effort.

Walter Isaacson has written an outstanding work of a man who is one of the greatest men of our time, “Steve Jobs.” It is possible that some will wonder, who is it? Today, technology has achieved some popularity, which has an apple logo, which is called the «Apple». That Steve Jobs is the co-founder of her. Immensely talented entrepreneur and inventor, and subsequently became general manager and chairman of the board of directors of the corporation. Steve Jobs was among the designers of computers Apple.

This work is a biography of this remarkable man. The publication is based primarily on numerous conversations with Steve Jobs, with his close relatives. Such literature is perfect to readers who are in search of the secrets of success of such talented people.

Stieg Larsson “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” The author who wrote this work, is rightly considered a new star ascended in European literature. The book “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is now one of the most sought-after in the book market worldwide. The trilogy could cause a huge storm of applause of enthusiastic readers.

A literal translation sounds like “Men hate women.” The book is a detective novel, the first in a trilogy of “Millennium.” Throughout history, the content, the impression voltage, which can not please every reader in some moments of the story may seem a bit lengthy. But nevertheless, the book is extraordinary interest. The product is quite popular and in great demand, so definitely worth reading. The author explained that the main characters were the prototypes of the characters of some books by Astrid Lindgren.

I told you about best selling authors 2013

About Knight Caterino. Of course this is a joke. But wh0 knows…

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About Dmitrii Suslin

Russian children’s writer. Dmitriy Suslin is a Russian writer. He lives in Cheboksary. Nowadays he is one of the most interesting authors, who is writing for the middle-aged schoolchildren. The young readers cannot tear themselves away from his books. This books do not lay long on the shelves of the bookshops. They are edited of about 2 000 000 (including publications of kid paper) copies up to now. His fantastic cycle "Country of Frozen Time", consisting of 7 books, are the most popular among the children. This cycle in publish by the Moscow publishing home "Armada" and "Alfa-kniga". Keen, dynamic and thrilling plot, professional talent of the writer, striking and vivid characters of the young heroes, their steady moral principles in the struggle with the evil, devotion to each other can not leave indifferent both the children and the elders. This books brilliantly and unobservably educate the readers in the spirit of human values, humanity and love to every living thing.
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